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Is it taking longer than expected to fall pregnant?  


Do you yearn for a family and wonder if it will ever be your turn to share the happy news?


Improving your overall health and wellbeing via nutrition is the key to giving your body the best chance of success when you are trying for a baby.


I am here to help you with a powerful combination of advanced lab testing, in-depth nutritional analysis, and targeted supplements.

Hi, I'm

Claudia Bruen

I’m a Registered Nutritionist based in Esher, Surrey and offering online consultations UK and World Wide.


 After struggling with my own fertility issues at the age of 38, I helped myself and my partner to improve our fertility via diet changes & a supplement plan over several months. Now I’m here to help give you the right foundations to improve yours too.


I’m passionate about helping you improve your fertility via diet & lifestyle changes, through support, compassion & fabulous recipes! 


Having suffered infertility myself, I understand how you feel, and want to help support you in your fertility journey.

Do you feel miserable, constantly wondering when it will be your turn to get pregnant?

Do you worry that you'll have to have IVF, about how much will it cost, and will it be scary or painful?

Don't spend £thousands on IVF without doing the necessary prep first


Have you retreated from friends and family with young babies or pregnant friends because it is so upsetting for you?


Do you feel lonely because infertility is such a taboo subject and you find it hard to tell people about it?

I completely understand those feelings because I have been there myself.


You are not alone.


I’ll listen to you and work with you to make dietary and lifestyle changes to help improve your overall health and fertility, whether that be trying naturally to conceive or via assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF or IUI.


I also work with single mothers & LGBTQ couples to help increase your chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.

What to eat to get pregnant | Fertility nutrition pregnancy | Claudia Bruern Fertility Nutritionist Surrey | Fertility Nutrition Consultations Worldwide

The importance of diet and nutrition for your fertility

When you’re trying to get pregnant, any number of lifestyle factors can impact your chances: exercise, sleep, stress, smoking status, digestion & absorption of nutrients, and importantly, diet.


In the last 10 years, there has been a bigger focus on the importance of diet and lifestyle in relationship to fertility. Many studies have shown diet specifically improved fertility and have improved the success rates of medically-assisted fertility treatments like IVF.

I run a clinic providing personalised 1-2-1 nutritional support for couples trying for a baby, either in person in Esher, Surrey or UK and World Wide from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or Skype.

Claudia Bruen Fertility Nutrition Services

Initial Consultation

A thorough, holistic consultation provides the starting point on your journey to improving your fertility.

Follow-Up Consultation

A comprehensive review of your progress will allow me to adapt and refine your plan for the best results

2-Week Meal Planning

A helping hand to keep you on track based on your specific health goals.

Fertility nutrition dietician | Claudia Bruern Fertility Nutritionist Surrey | Fertility Nutrition Consultations Worldwide

“Thank you so much Claudia for your help and support over the last few months. Having PCOS means that weight loss is difficult. Because of your diet advice and suggestions I have successfully lost a stone and am now eligible to go ahead and start IVF. I am excited for the future, thank you again x!” 

Becky, 36 , Surrey

Are you ready to explore how changes to your diet and lifestyle could maximise your chances of starting the family you dream of? 


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Fertility food nutrition | Claudia Bruern Fertility Nutritionist Surrey | Fertility Nutrition Consultations Worldwide

“We have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and were recommended a consultation with Claudia. We’d had 2 failed rounds of IVF so we decided we needed some additional support to help things along. Claudia instantly understood our fears and concerns as she has been through IVF herself. We followed a 3 month diet plan with supplements. We have just completed a round of IVF and the number and quality of embryos were much improved and I am excited to say we are 7 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much Claudia for your help and support!” 

Amanda, 40, Richmond Upon Thames

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