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My Story

I'm Claudia and I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in fertility and preconception health.


My passion for my profession stems from personal experience. 

I had spent many years trying to avoid pregnancy, so I was surprised when at age 38 I found myself unable to get pregnant


After a period of trying, I decided to go the doctor for some advice & testing. Due to various factors beyond my control I was advised I needed IVF. As well as genetic factors, my age & high FSH / low AMH were highlighted as the main problem. I was told my chances of succeeding in taking home a baby were slim.


My hopes and dreams of 2.4 children, moving to the suburbs and living happily ever after seemed a distant reality. 


Instead, I found myself becoming increasingly anxious I would never be a mother, I felt like everyone around me was getting pregnant without trying, I felt jealous of pregnant mothers walking around & inside I was crying. I found myself retreating from family & friends with recent pregnancy announcements, feeling angry and questioning “why me?”, afraid of having to undertake IVF, worried about the expense, worried it wouldn’t work.

My story, however, ends happily

After employing targeted nutritional & lifestyle interventions my partner & I were lucky to succeed relatively quickly via IVF with twins.

I want the same for you...

Claudia Bruern Fertility Nutritionist Surrey | Fertility Nutrition Consultations Worldwide

Because of the struggles I have been through, I feel very passionately about helping others going through a similar experience.

I want to help support you using targeted foods and lifestyle choices to give you the best chance of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy

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